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Associating “People Unite to Build up a Cultural Life” with “Construct New Countryside” Movements Updated03-06-2014 10:36
The provincial Steering Committee for the “People unite to build up a cultural life” movement has just introduced plans to carry out the “People unite to build up a cultural life associated with the construction of the new countryside in the province from now to 2015” movement.

The establishment of the culture institutions is enhanced

Accordingly, propaganda activities will be focused on to get people to understand the importance of the construction program of the new countryside as well as to be fully aware of the role and responsibility of every citizen towards the building of the new countryside, to implement the program within the “People unite to build up a cultural life to contribute to accomplishing the targets for the new countryside” movement effectively and improve the quality of the program, and to associate the program to build up cultural hamlets, neighborhoods, and families with the construction of the communes that meet all the requirements for the new countryside” through the implementation of the criteria for new countryside.

Duy Minh (L. Huong)

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